• chelseahouskaDave!

  • misszimmerman90Lmao @sylviasuicide :)
  • misszimmerman90If this is a new guy he's much better :D
  • misszimmerman90@sylviasuicide Lol right! Lol!
  • donnlearyshe deserves it
  • da.real.luther@rebeccabingy actually some people do.
  • da.real.lutherAnd he does
  • tfios_fanpaggeeHow old r y. @chelseahouska
  • przlightestHer best friend @mnovre10 said, "lol he's just a friend of ours"! There you have it people!!!
  • danipants327Who cares what she does ppl she doesn't read your comments she's an awesome mom and she been hungup on her baby dad forever let her go live life she's kissing his cheek not giving him oral
  • ms_t_e_eShe has to let go of her baby's daddy already like he humilates her all the time & she is such a good mom & person she needs to move on & find herself a real man. Hay this is a friend but they can become much more y not? Girl you deserve so much better just move on & it will be hard but trust me there is someone out there worthy of you.
  • amy_so_coolI bet she does read these comments, I hope she finds a good guy bc Adam is a DOUCHE BAG
  • tanayahotHe is hotter than Ryan by a long shot😜😜😜😜
  • missmartinez71Adam is a DOUCHE BAG & Chelsea does deserve better!!! She's a great person & wonderful mommy to Aubree!!!
  • mirita01It's hard to move on when your heart is still attached! But Chelsea is the best mom on the show!
  • heartlikalionGirl plzz don't go back with Loser ass Adam your a beautiful 10 and he needs to learn respect (among off things)!! #fuckthatfool @chelseahouska
  • sanpedrodilAgree with u :)she's better off with out all that drama with baby daddy:)
  • sanpedrodilPretty;)
  • _maano_😘
  • giimcgee21@chelseahouska is so beautiful and outta respect guys chill with adam he'll come around,miss chelsea and her baby are happy and it's all that matters,so let's all be happy for them !
  • giimcgee21=)
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