I got ONE!
  • chrispirilloI got ONE!

  • ashtonleehudsonI do not own the One but love it and the software within complements the hardware. It is certainly up there with the Galaxy line of products and Apple's devices.
  • ccurran985The One is a beautiful phone. Like seriously
  • allroundlaieLucky you
  • danieltsamuelI found one of those in a bin in Swansea lol
  • junelle22I know you're going to do a review. Looks like an awesome phone but I'm with Sprint.Waiting for the Galaxy 4.
  • deathcab4luJust switched to @att yesterdayand got mine...goodbye @sprint
  • zipperhead19Ive been using it for the past week and it's a fantastic phone.
  • blakem_8Should I wait for the next iPhone Or Pick up on the HTC one
  • zipperhead19@blakem_8 two completely different phones
  • blakem_8Yeah I guess you're right @littlebubbamy
  • sisterhoneyWell I left my iPhone 4 to go to an HTC inspire that broke down after 6 month to go back to iPhone. So I don't REALY trust HTC anymore.....
  • sisterhoneyBut it's still a nice looking phone.....
  • kaielementWhile I like the look of the phone still don't care for android lol
  • chrispirilloGoing live with the unboxing in less than an hour today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FgoFqNQX5w
  • cole13517I got HALF
  • thedrummerboyadamOmg its punny! #pun @chrispirillo
  • gjamz_hawaiiAWESOME!!!!!!!
  • marleykrushJeesh Chris u get every thing u want
  • sosboardzChris do you have a direct email and not the one for your fans. I have some business questions. How do you SEO a online store and Microsoft POS questions. I miss the videos when you would talk about only one topic. I guess vlogs are 2013 now and I'm 2010
  • georgia76cuteCan I have the iPad mini please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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