BOMWorkinhard at Teddy oppa's studio.
  • haroobommiBOMWorkinhard at Teddy oppa's studio.

  • iidakorhxoxoxo happy birthday dear Bom!
  • zhening.nzn언니 생일축하합니다 🙆💕🎂 저는 너무 보고싶어요 😢❤❤❤ #AlwaysYou박봄 사랑해요 😚
  • p2o1mFeliz cumpleaños park bom. Happy birthday park bom. Bommi
  • _jirichris_Bommi everything will be ok we love you
  • __gzbgizibe__#beautiful @haroobommi 💝
  • its_carlaaaaaaI miss you
  • mvp_xx1cmbs@haroobommi BLACKJACKS ARE WORKING GARD FOR 2NE1
  • queenparkbomm@haroobommi 😢 I don't think I'm ever going to get used to this bommie please come back to us we love you girls so much I'm worried tbh YG always Lies to US .... he probably ALWAYS lies to you guys as well this lost feeling of if 2ne1 will ever make a comeback and if we will ever hear 2ne1 music again makes me break the worries build up .... 2ne1 gave me so much strength and still dose 😢
  • xhexyl_14언니!잘 지냈어요? 저는Cheryl에요. 만나서 반가워요.한국어 조금 할 수있어요.저는 singapore 에서 왔어요.저는 열여섯 살 이에요.나는 당신이 정말 좋아요.당신은 정말 아름다워요.당신은 정말 귀여워요.영어 할 수 있어요?지금 뭐해요?몸 조심하세요. Miss you much
  • daniellanutella😍😍😍
  • etaenityTOPBOM
  • sherrie_park95I miss you so bad ❤
  • park.96#ArabBjsLovesMokBom we love u 💚💚
  • ngoc_minhvuYou always works hard @haroobommi 👍. That's why you inspires so much 😊
  • sol_4_solI missing u 😰 unnie!~ 💚
  • phuong.ngoc98Unnie, we miss you so much
  • snaraiaessa franjinha é 🔝
  • 21cbhHey i miss you
  • crying.because.kpopI love you
  • 21_bom_xq姐姐
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