Nice to see all these guys together. #Pens
  • penguinsNice to see all these guys together. #Pens

  • jborr412Shut up your dumb. This is why nobody likes the flyers and their fans
  • toxxicgoddessYou have Giroux ..... We have : CROSBY ...LETANG...MALKIN ...COOKE...INGALA...JOKINEN...NEAL...KUNITZ...FLEUVY ....VOKOUN.... so what do you have besides an early vacations ....HATERS GONNA HATE ...ESPECIALLY WHEN WE HOIST STANLEY .....AGAIN WITH SID AS CAPTAIN
  • flyer_fan_for_lifeThat's this year @jborr412 and u might want to look into the future or maybe not bc I do not want to make u upset or anything like that bc all u are going to see is the flyers winning
  • jborr412Haha ok @flyer_fan_for_life
  • flyer_fan_for_lifeMaybe nobody likes us but at least we are stick up for are team even no we are not in the playoffs @jborr412
  • flyer_fan_for_lifeI am confused bc u have a caps logo as a profile pic but u are a pens fan @toxxicgoddess
  • toxxicgoddessMy two favorite teams are Caps and Pens....Always have been always will be ...but I respect all talented players ...
  • flyer_fan_for_lifeRight now u r not respecting all talented players bc u no it's pathetic when a 19 year old shuts down malkin @toxxicgoddess
  • flyer_fan_for_lifeO and who won last night flyers and who lost last night pens @jborr412
  • toxxicgoddessYeah I know I wish Giroux would have made it in... he deserves it
  • farmer0406Flyers aren't even in the playoffs who cares?
  • shurina23The only way giroux can win is if he's traded to the Pens.
  • charliefiegenWhen is he gonna play in a real game
  • ceciliaaasuagree! Sid is adorable <3
  • emily_destefano28We would take Giroux... ever!
  • ndruga10Sid is coming back for playoffs!!
  • stephkos_88Sweeeet love sidney welcome back😍
  • manbearpig27@Griff_dogg37 yeah he will probably keep it unless he is doing bad, superstition! Crosby could wear a dress and could still laugh at dudes on ice after he pulls their pants down with his stick handling
  • fionafetahajSid looks like a boss. LOL :) The best team on NHL!
  • evangranierDid Neal get a dark visor
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