Charlie, pinalaki naman kita ng maayos, pinakain, pinag-aral... Bakit ka ba nagkakaganito?? #cuemusicAnakbyKaFreddie
  • nikkigilCharlie, pinalaki naman kita ng maayos, pinakain, pinag-aral... Bakit ka ba nagkakaganito?? #cuemusicAnakbyKaFreddie

  • bheng92Maybe charlie missed your present..kaya na stressed sya.
  • sunshinecoolitThats definitely out of boredom....a habit to old is he?? - im a canine practioner ;)
  • imycanHahaha ang cuteeee! :))
  • irenelsmithCharlie needs to go on a long walk every day. He needs toys that's made for chewing. It's one of the horrors of puppyhood, they need to chew as much as babies need to suck their thumb/pacifier. My great dane is 7 months and she chews pretty much everything. Hang in there! @nikkigil
  • shwerrel0305Haha parang c Cholo ko lang parehong nag ngatngat...
  • nikkigil@aymiicruzz he's 2 years old. We don't keep keep him on a leash so he's free to roam around the garden and inside the house. he goes to the dog park twice a day morning and afternoon for 2 hours to run and socialize with other dogs. But lately it's gotten too hot to let him out for too long. :s
  • nikkigil@miss_guevara hahahaha! Kasi naman... Where did I go wrong?? Hahaha 😂
  • bx_light_eyezTo cute...
  • ai_charlieLoving golden retriever 👼
  • nicaneejiahahahaha! the caption makes me laugh! want to have one too! 😁
  • hunterthegsdProvide a dog toy to keeep him busy , i would prefer the KONG toy the one that you put treats on ! It works good especially on heavy chewers like charlie !👍
  • icequeeneulaLook at his proud face. Too cute.
  • wadowwmDog
  • akiorganics🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
  • fam_i_love_youi know dogs they really put it in their stomekkk #freaks
  • iamymahnalmarri@nikkigil nag hahanap yan nang attention lol ganyan athena ku eh. And yah KONG toy works wonders
  • 4eyedchesterI love the caption, nanay na nanay
  • ckryztine17Kailangan niya ng bonie bonie. :)
  • d_ig_pHaha
  • kuwistinWahehey @nurserakstar
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