Had an incredible time at the @NBCOlympics promo shoot! #roadtosochi
  • ashwagner2010Had an incredible time at the @NBCOlympics promo shoot! #roadtosochi

  • katie__lorenzI love you!(:
  • swerveonthatyooYou are such an inspiration :)))) you are amazing and GAAHH so perfect!! 😘😘😘😘
  • marissacastelliYou look amazing as always
  • paigeosterwischWhy are you so gorgeous?!?! Great picture! Love you!
  • tg_jurhsso amazing! love you💜💜💜 @ashwagner2010
  • beloshevskycan't wait for our Olympics!
  • georgia.estesOmg you are so amazing!
  • katiekknUR SO AMAZING!!! Ur black swam program was the most inspiring thin ever !!!! I saw u live at four continents last year and it has impacted me so much!!
  • kayla_walletYou are such an amazing skater!! @ashwagner2010
  • lauryn_nilesI loved your performance of the black swan. It was so inspiring and just beautiful. I am that red head girl and I saw you at the Cheyenne mountain resort about a year back at the breakfast. You were eating breakfast with Ross minor and I had you guys sign my skate.
  • alyssa_duke7Your beautiful and you have no idea how happy I would be if you noticed me but I know your busy right now but it would be amazing!!
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