• lakersSteve Blake had an ultrasound test today which confirmed a moderate strain of his right hamstring. He is out indefinitely.
    Steve Nash received two epidural injections in his back today; he also received a cortisone shot in his right hip. His status for tomorrow’s game is doubtful.
    Jodie Meeks will have an MRI test this afternoon on his sprained left ankle. His status for tomorrow’s game is doubtful.

  • tyler_yabishEl_of_halts Clippers are trash no championship wins and first time in the playoffs and they still won't win. Lakers the best to ever so it so hop off the page.
  • tyler_yabish*do it
  • green_eyed_monstr@stefygyrl
  • jobinkidGreaaaat.
  • thevoidofnoreturnlakers are going to get RAPED .sad but true
  • thevoidofnoreturnfukin injuries man this suks @lakers
  • sebwendttEveryone fucking getting injured, geez do they even Stretch?
  • thegreatone2groovyNo :(
  • kksoliz24@hekster1219 f*ck I know 😔
  • gloriamghhI love KOBE and lakers
    Although the lakers had some trouble now.I will like him, always support the team.
  • i.escoto@gflo81 on the money with this comment but one thing I must say I don't hate the clippers their from LA also I can't stand the bandwagon fans that just popped out last year. I remember when the clippers played at the sports area nobody and its in the record nobody would go see them not even if at churches chicken they'd try to give clippers tickets away. It's funny how the lakers aren't doing good and the whole world wants to kill then shit them MF are best in the game not all the time will the be 100% you win some u lose some see u next season with a lot of new faces and where will the clippers be scathered all over the NBA.
  • gflo81Yup I here ya that's why I laugh at these fools that come on the laker site and start talking shit saying we suck! Especially clipper fans! They have been the laughing stock of the league since they entered it! Now there coming out of the wood work! That's fine be a bandwagoner but don't think you can compare to the lakers in anything! So I have to blow people like him up! Thanks @i76oct29
  • iconjaredNash looks like he is 50
  • antfrayIt's fucked! Couldn't even watch the whole game coz they were getting so smashed yesterday @bdpearson
  • bdpearson@antfray I'm disappointed in you
  • jhojie_pacayra0530Let d antoni play alaone, that damn injuries never stop
  • lakergyalBlake showed ya'll what I knew about him all along. The man plays with heart & aggression. #Respect
  • gflo81Like I said the clippers will be in the same spot as kobe! Watching the final on the couch! @el_og_balta this year was your best shot bye bye Chris Paul hell probably be a laker next year Lol wooooooooo all those shit talking clipper fans!!!!! That's why you should keep there mouths shut! Cause you haven't DONE SHIT!!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!
  • chelso_dollazTrade
  • z.camatSTEVE NASH!!! YA!!! LAKERS!!
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