I need someone's help with stray dog video! Must be silly!!! Lol
  • mikedirntI need someone's help with stray dog video! Must be silly!!! Lol

  • whatsrnmeeLol, ill try, i promise XD
  • groovy.babieDogs that are members in green day billie joe,you,tre as dogs playing a concert while a girl dog and a guy dong try to make up (dressed like people)
  • 7pee5I'm going to a wedding next March, maybe I can steal an extra puppy party favor ...
  • 7pee5But really, somebody do this!
  • starlitemgcHeyyy mike this late but this would be such an awesome late gift if u can reply me like happy late birthday or something like that it would mean the world to mee well my idiot world
  • molly.sadlerHeehee, could I borrow Rocky to make it? @bj_unoxx
  • mikedirntPost it to you tube under stray heart dog!
  • ashley_hyg
  • seraphim_alexWhy? Hhahaha, you're weird mr. :D
  • katbwilsonStray dog should be a campaign to find my little pug - my pug Edgar went missing last night and we can't find him. Im heartbroken :(
  • thepunkbunnyBoom. My to do list Mike! I seriously will try and make this video. I swear. @mike_dosxx
  • gabbypopovskiHow are we supposed to do that?Instagram doesn't have video?
  • liv._.westOMG this is such a good idea! would be hilarious... I so want to do this. my dog always looks pathetic so it'll be easy. :D
  • caarlla_s@mike_dosxx Has anybody tried to actually do this?? I haven't looked it up on YouTube!
  • bbloossoommMy god i love you every day moreee!
  • maya98mtz@mike_dosxx what if you ask green day fans to put a video of their dogs trying to enter in their owners house and make a video collage for stray dog video, it will be funny!
  • _spooky.teaU think starving sick animals will make u laugh ......ahhh God mike..... But this is why i love u ur not affeaid to speak ur mind
  • lilycraycrayI think it should involve POODLES!!! 🐩🐩🐩🐩 oodles of them 😉
  • nat_gummy_cat@katbwilson did you find your dog yet?! (I read your last comment)
  • sinnedgrebdnilMy dog pooped in my bed once.. I LIKE ICECREAM @mike_dosxx
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