Kmart collection photo shoot in Ny
  • sofiavergaraKmart collection photo shoot in Ny

  • thef4vour3d1You suits well in glasses! Look amazing! !!!
  • mayrakingsI Love you @sofiavergara your my idol. I look up to you!!! Milf!!!
  • cristianjrcMe encantass
  • marcusburattoYour soo beautifal
  •'s "You're" NOT "your" my beautiful...pls learn to SPELL!!!
  • chloeandrews1509I know i am one of many people who say this but your so beautiful and modern family is my olterment fav show it would be my dream to meet you but i live in christchurch in new zealand
  • martaelmaNice, sad that we dont have a kmart close by...
  • totonas3030Hot
  • bachueSofía sumerce con rulos, bata y chancletas también se vería preciosa....Es que te luce todo!
  • leilanivarone@tiaboy she's jackin your look 😚
  • ogsert1So bomba sexy with those glasses. Look like a sexy seductive secretary.
  • ivirutzBella!
  • tiaboy@bokchoybee I wish I looked like that
  • nerd.ishyou look amazing in glasses!
  • bkboneSo beautiful !
  • gely1215Beautiful in glasses too!!
  • ham_1128Omgggg so awesome and red sexy!
  • mutiahayu@mtrchikkan uhhh ohhh uhhh our hottie babe...
  • cika.nBibirnya ganahan wkwkwkw
  • israelkellyContento de que hayas sido muy bendecida en diversas areas de tu vida, ahora necesitas lo más importante: "La Vida" Jesucristo, Síguelo. @sofiavergara
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