A blank canvas.
  • dallasclaytonA blank canvas.

  • paperocketLooking forward to more great writings that never fails to brighten up our day!
  • tonggangterbalikA little positive mental attitude cn go a long way. :))
  • karen.perrote💪❤
  • eraofmeThank you for sharing!!
  • pshanahanYou should be able to recover much of those pages if you have fans who have them cached in their computers. Send out a call and ask people to send you whatever they might have, you could be pleasantly surprised. A clean slate is inspiration, but your older work is good history!
  • biggreenpenI love your attitude - not sure I could do the same. Thank you for fresh and hopeful perspective.
  • camerondallasdupreA W E S O M E !!!
  • peter67currie@eatasaurus
  • moonbeamsechomean people suck :( I just watched you on the Jeff Probst Show and think you are absolutely amazing, I love your An Awesome Book! book lol.. my kids are grown but I'm still going to search for it and keep it for when I have grandkids someday :)
  • cheezmunkeeLove your positive outlook @dallasclayton (; #inspiring You always brighten my days and I know I aint the only one thx ^_^
  • ambermpierce27You are soo inspiring Dallas!! I loved your interview on Jeff Probst show! Awesome awesome awesome!! The world needs more people like you! Keep doing what you are doing!!
  • mare83186@dallasclayton come to the Bronx PS 86! I know the kids would really appreciate it. My husband is a 6 grade teacher and when he comes home and tells me about his students, your heart just goes out to them. He honestly has great students especially for the cards some kids are dealt. A positive figure is sometimes hard to come across with many of the students of PS 86 and reading an awesome book, I found inspirational. I know the chances of this comment read by you would be slim to none and the chances of you coming to PS86 even slimmer....still think it is an awesome book and one can dream :)
  • neda_and_pencilSo glad I found ur IG!!! LOVE ur work!!! 👍👍👍🎨🌈
  • yoaniverse"And the birds sing for you, and your positivity" :)
  • tinysaurusYou are so positive and uplifting even in negative situations. You're wonderful and the rest of the world should be more like you – don't ever change! :)
  • milllllllAwww!! This is incredible!!! That's a really great way to think!!! Very positive headspace and atmosphere :) xxx
  • elizabethariostoYou are amazing
  • nadimbezilora@rossinamatos o sea que odio le tengo a este tipo! Tu estas viendo esto? #genio
  • myvalenciaorangeYou are really one of the most incredible people I've encountered. So many blessings and love to you.
  • borganic@soul_floss ⭐️
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