Hook up your #Nike ELITE Superhero kicks this Saturday with the "Superhuman" t-shirt collection. #lebron #kobe #kd #approved #houseofhoops
  • footlockerHook up your #Nike ELITE Superhero kicks this Saturday with the "Superhuman" t-shirt collection. #lebron #kobe #kd #approved #houseofhoops

  • darealriklarsonHoly shit shut up @erriic
  • boydhoward35@erriic Lebron doesn't play anything like Magic but everything else you said was true
  • darealriklarsonStfu you're not a real heat fan @uncrnmchi you couldn't name their team from the years before the big three without looking on google
  • e__nguyen@boydhoward35 he plays more like magic than he does Jordan which is why I think magic favors him in front of kobe.
  • darealriklarsonFuck the lakers @uncrnmchi
  • boydhoward35@erriic I have never watched either play so I guess I wouldn't know, I was just assuming that Lebron doesn't play like magic because I do know that magic isn't as explosive or dominant and magic was a pg and Lebron is a sf
  • e__nguyen@boydhoward35 they both love getting their teammates involved first. Scoring wise yes very different but passing they are pretty similar.
  • futureofvegas@erriic I seriously wrote this long ass rebuttal and it's not even here lol
  • futureofvegas@erriic long story short, I think that Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan we will ever see. Some people think he's better but that's an entirely different thing. I think that LBJ is by far the most TALENTED player the NBA has ever seen, and that is saying a lot. KD is on the verge though, and when he finally takes HOLD of that team and move Westbrook's ass outta the way he'll be the biggest thorn in Lebron's legacy.
  • e__nguyen@futureofvegas I can agree to that right now. LeBrons career is far from over though even though kobe is closest to Jordan his career is pretty much over in terms of leading a team to the title. These LeBron vs kobe vs Jordan arguments are still way too pre mature.
  • ucwhavokAnyone trying to compare kobe to jordan or lebrom to jordan are retarded. Jordan played in a more physical league...pistols, knicks, celtics. Kobe played with the last great big man in shaq. Lebron plays in the east
  • ucwhavokWhich might as well be the big east.
  • mohitshahhHow much @footlocker
  • futureofvegas@erriic I dunno man...Lebron has already been in the league for 8-9 years...I honestly don't see him at year 17 playing at this level....once again, only time will tell
  • e__nguyen@futureofvegas one thing he has that will never go away though is his passing ability. As his athleticism decreases I would imagine his assist will go up along with an improved jump shot he has shown this season.
  • futureofvegas@erriic True....I think what make him so dominant is his athleticism though. It's the fact that a pure SF can't guard him because if his strength, and a true PF can't because of his speed and quickness. Like you stated, those will depreciate and the game will become more methodical a la MJ/Kobe. I truly believe that all three of them can pass very effectively but Lebron is obviously a tier above them in that regard. I think his DOMINANT window is closing however with the rising talent of superstars such as KD.
  • anss.finesseitjman ur stupid as fuck
  • elliotappDefinitely won't buy one.
  • ojos_brujosThe one we have at our store for LeBron is blue!! Wtf with this red one? Shoes have no red, @i8beezy
  • danteandresl11I got the kobe shirt
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