Photo by guest Instagrammer @hannansaleh #visitphilly #trolly #fishtown #vintage
  • visitphillyPhoto by guest Instagrammer @hannansaleh #visitphilly #trolly #fishtown #vintage

  • rmencherLove it! @hannansalah
  • jamali215Nostalgic!
  • carobeanoramaVery cool.
  • malikphotoThe zoo trolley/Girard Avenue Trolley. Growing up in Philly, the trolley was an EXPERIENCE - the smell of the vinyl, the ding of the bell, the bumps and shakes as it rolled across the tracks. As a kid, looking out of the window of ANY trolley a story was woven in your mind as you passed through neighborhood to neighborhood and absorbed the rich (and poor) history of - that single photo TOOK ME BACK.
  • beck1923Me too^^ remember. 15cents to ride lol!!
  • deedee58Loved going into the tunnel
  • deedee58From SW Philly. At least that's what we called if, the tunnel. Sure it was the Either way, lived taking the trolley into Center City.
  • visitphilly#philadelphianeighborhoods
  • postpartemLoved riding on the trolley .. Miss it.
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