Michael had a blast performing "It's A Beautiful Day" on @livewithkellyandmichael !
  • michaelbubleMichael had a blast performing "It's A Beautiful Day" on @livewithkellyandmichael !

  • kevin_w312bitch girl.so ugly
  • cris_bernichMichael!!! came back to Brazil.... We need your presence again..... 👑👑👑
  • anasophI was there, your performance was brilliant. Loved ur segment and how funny u were (as usual). My trip to NYC was well worth it! Thanks
  • uknowyoungbeatzIt's a beautiful pic! <3
  • tayfish5Ahhh his face 💗
  • nicoleewiseI love that song !
  • jayleigh85Loved this!
  • salliestrawbBundle you gorgeous beast you.
  • salliestrawbOops - buble you gorgeous beast you! (Bloomin phone)
  • yosefinechristiOh my god!! You are so cute
  • ronniecoladangeloSo perfect
  • iam.amandapanda:) too funny
  • r.oc.k.iI didn't see it but it looked fun
  • princessf7<3
  • albfl3I listen your voice and my bed mood go way, love you!
  • nayyummi1634It's the best song to listen to, when the sun is out... ☀Great voice Michael...🎤
  • laurenmendoncaYou have a lot of talent not only to sing but to make people feel the emotion that comes with your singing
  • avvaaapayneEMOTION? The amazing was of ur tone. X
  • avvaaapayneUr the reason y I wanna do music and + I've got my music exam tomorrow and I have to sing inform of 3000 people in school in assembly!
  • avvaaapayneThanks Michael it's u who got me into singing and if it weren't for you then I would've had to sing infront of ma school and embarrass myself but I've listened to your songs about 100000 times do yeah!
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