@phyliciaghee this truly touched me! You and your granddad lit up my entire night just by the love you put into hand making something dedicated to #Dolly it's so beautiful and perfect! And the hand painted box is just as beautiful! I can't wait to see more of your art and sculptures!! I hope to meet you guys one day soon! Thank you for your kind words in your note! #1Love #ThankYou
  • badgalriri@phyliciaghee this truly touched me! You and your granddad lit up my entire night just by the love you put into hand making something dedicated to #Dolly it's so beautiful and perfect! And the hand painted box is just as beautiful! I can't wait to see more of your art and sculptures!! I hope to meet you guys one day soon! Thank you for your kind words in your note! #1Love #ThankYou

  • mikemillsmillzziReincarnation! ▲■□■□▲☆★ Beautiful! Isis
  • thelivinggodActually @tamsynhugbug you don't know shit . Who you think to be her "gran" is actually Isis , another name for her is Ashtoreth or Ashera and yet another name of hers (she has many)is nana, you know that song ? Oh nana what's my name ? Educate yourself before you make such ridiculous comments , the fact that your beloved riri worships Ashtoreth , one of the 7 rulers of hell , will land her in hell and ultimately to burn eternally. So if you actually care about her, I would suggest you encourage her to stop... Stop believing the lies they have all pulled over your eyes with their vale of darkness and deceit. Do you even know the definition of a theory?? How would the very real illuminati be a theory...? Anyway like I said if you do care much about her try to bring her to the light of the Lord God and Christ, our father , the most high God , the one true God. Go ahead call me arrogant for preaching the truth and trying to guide people to the only real salvation , I'm use to it. Nothing will break my faith in God , all the universe together cannot brake my faith in God ,the creator of it . Open your eyes to the truth or use your blanket of lies as comfort. Sorry to burst your bubble , your riri is headed down the road to eternal flames " feels so good being bad , ain't no way I'm turning back " ain't gonna feel so good in the end... Sad waste of talent indeed.. So sad, truly I'm deeply saddened for her.
  • andrew_thomas_beautySome of you people are fucking scary
  • loveblondy@armenianeye scary comment, you sure the "god" you worship isn't a ruler of hell? Sounds like you for more to worry about.
  • thelivinggod@loveblondy yah I'm absolutely sure... You on the other hand are unsure ,so don't be so arrogant maybe? hear out the people who have studied all this for decades perhaps ?? People like myself.. Or go with your guess that is supported with no proof and really is just a pointless display of your ignorance. Sorry if I'm being a little aggressive but your comment is rude. Anyway the choice is yours , I'd suggest you do research instead of guessing when it comes to such a serious topic.
  • loveblondy@armenianeye lol why do people prosecute those who claim love, and acceptance. Tell me when it became ok to tell people they are wrong or sinful or in anyway different? If everyone believed the same as you then you would have no reason to be so hate filled. Beware of #armenianeye #toxic #hatefilled
  • thelivinggod@loveblondy typical to you and your "people" make false claims and lies based off nothing but fallacy. Who exactly is prosecuting who? Being informative is far from a prosecution, I simple stated the facts...have you at least took the time to verify what I wrote ?so you can see for yourself that it's the truth?? Clearly you're just trying to win an argument like a blind child instead if looking up the factual evidence that I spoke of.. Apparently to you generalizing and putting me into the group of these " people" you spoke of is wisdom or perhaps you think you got me figured out .. However , what you're saying is libelous, the judgement you've passed on me has nothing to do with what is wrote. Tell be when did I down on her for singing of love and acceptance??? Also to answer your question it has always been encouraged to tell someone when they are wrong. ( tbc on next message)
  • thelivinggod@loveblondy like for example of a time it's encouraged to tell someone they are wrong would be when a man who first have sense enough yo know that murdering, raping , stealing , hurting or any other wrongful action they partake in and doesn't know any better ur doesn't care .. Then yes it is encouraged to inform them that what they are doing is wrong and if they don't listen then they should be removed from society till they learn or permanently rather then to harm others or spread their evils to the rest if the community , the children especially. So to answer your question since the begging if time it gas been encouraged and wise to tell someone that something they are doing isn't okay and is wrong when that something is harmful to others or themselves. So I will continue in doing this because this is one way man learns , I will tell you that you are wrong in your presumptions of me and correct you.( see next message)
  • thelivinggod@loveblondy I'm not the slightest bit hate filled .on the contrary I am a very kind and loving man. I was being informative and teaching you the factual , indisputable truth of who Isis / nana / Ashtoreth is... I did so out if the goodness if my heart in hopes to save an eternal soul from burning for all of eternity and warning all others who may not know the truth so they can go look it up and see for themselves, worshipping Egyptian gods is in actuality worshiping rulers of hell and satan. Because they all form 1 body. Rather then argue with me you can simply go look it up for yourself ,instead of making a guess. Frankly you couldn't have been further away from the truth of thinking I'm hate filled , on the contrary when I thought of her soul burning eternally it brought tears to my eyes and when I thought of others being lead astray and burning the tears thickened and it prompted me to inform you all. So you see you were wrong about me , I wrote what I wrote with tears in my eyes and love in my heart , hate has nothing to do with it. As someone who has studied these things for over a decade and learned the truth I am obligated to inform anyone and everyone I can to try to save then from the pain that follows the worship of evil or being deceived by them, if I know the truth and say nothing then I am no better then the deceiver, so if I see the need to inform or the opportunity too , then I must. I may be pretentious in my duty but I assure you , it comes from the love in my heart , I say it to spare her , you and anyone I can , pain , I only wish to spare you pain... So you were very wrong about me .. With love and not hate , Chris.
  • thelivinggodIn part 2 of my message I had a typo , meant to say" like for example , a time when it is encouraged to tell someone they are would be when a man who doesn't have the sense enough to know " my iPhone auto correct .. Messed up my message a few other times on my messages it seems . But they are long winded enough that I'm certain anyone can realize its I phone auto correct and piece together the typos.
  • preciousmichelle26Omg looks like my dream...
  • xo.lu.lu@sharinagn444 ur so rite ppl are so green to the truth
  • thelivinggodThank you @kissielov3
  • marinaa_loveThere's no idol but God ..he's the only one who should be worshipped
  • goodgalviciAmazing and epic
  • ammaindeeMa'at
  • royalrhymesrecords<3 that ... @badgalriri
  • lokgWowwwwwwww
  • nastasiasartThe goddess that you seem to trigger within you.
  • mya29xo@benbanks46
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