• sonamkapoor#repost

  • atthi_s_818@rickybishnoi
  • riteshparakh@ritika0810 @sridharmaheshwari @srishti1508 read the comments! Lol
  • atthi_s_818@rickybishnoi it's not even worth arguing with you because you have no idea how to put up a fight lol...I bet everyone here is smarter than you and reading your comments must realize that you weren't loved enough as a child. I can say so much but it's not worth to get a reply that I can't understand but get this bitch I am in California and I am a citizen whereas fuddus like you go to Australia and make a beautiful country a fuckin mess...prolly pissing everywhere on the streets thinking it's haryana..and speaking of haryana no one gives a shit about you bhenchods saale na tan hindu te na hi punjabi.. just stuck in the middle speaking your nasty ass language.. saaleya enna hi shounk aa punjabiyan naal laran da ta Australia ch bathere punjabi haige aa saaleya ekk de naal hi panga laike dikha de...bhajjan nu thaan ni labhni saaleya...pata ni kitho aa jande aa apni fuddu jehi buthi laike.. oh wait lemme guess what you're gonna reply with due to your lack of intellect: machod bhosdi chutiya lund maa baap bhosdchod.. how about you do yourself a favor and go read a book or take some classes to learn how to read/write/speak english rather than wasting your time on iG? And your "personal fight with sonam" she doesn't give two shits about your dumbass. You think she cares? People like you don't even get to knock on their gates..you're just mad cuz your mom dad and your other mom aunty and dad uncle didn't love you as a child or maybe you were just dropped on your head as a kid...either way I don't have anymore time for this as my time is precious and got things to do but you keep going @rickybishnoi way to utilize your time!!
  • neihapandeyA real life example of how a man can live without a brain. And your looks, well let me not even go there. It looks like you've got diarrhoea of the mouth. People like you need a license to live. Maybe after 20 years you'll form one correct sentence. But keep trying. And I know what your reply would be. So none of us are awaiting for your response. Clearly your sense of humour needs an upgrade. Maybe it'll work in your village with you shit faced friends. Keep abusing keep degrading yourself. Peace.
  • neihapandey@rickybishnoi
  • gagano7@rickybishnoi punjabi tere baap hain . ricky is my dogs name , chusnoi
  • yajnabishnoi@gagano7 bhosad chod teri ma bhosda tera naam hi gaand sw matching hai tera adress b dede teri b saari garmi nikal dunga be a man give me ur adress fir baat krenge
  • siksheikHahah all i gotta say is that if a man wants to hate let him hate why the hell do these random fans care hahah !!! Gaaliyan sunni hain aur toh reply kartey raho hahahah
  • gagano7riiicckkkkyyy mere kuuuttteee puu ppu puuu puu , same to u ..... hahahah ajaa bigad le
  • gagano7@rickybishnoi
  • gagano7same to u @rickybishnoi pupu kuteee , dhangh se bhonk na sunai ni de raha
  • gagano7similar to immam in big boss, lol. ricky my dog
  • manitasinghLove this!! So true 🌈❤👍
  • chef_virender_kanalWhy do u guys wanna fight here,gaaliyan bakke kya milega,we r just spoiling the pic ..... Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love.... @rickybishnoi shant hoja bhai
  • aishwaryamachamaAwesome!
  • ritikajhaver@riteshparakh what the hell just happened here? So much for a Spanish quote photo!
  • riteshparakh@ritika0810 Hahahah. Told you na :P
  • yajnabishnoi@wicked_me_88 wt hpn miss newcastle is in sgp n it is a city in Australia near to sydney m sure u checked it already lol if u dnt know anything then u should shut ur mouth
  • yajnabishnoi@nimagada hahaha lol manners saying like I care
  • americotomazsilvaIts reality...before it was a dream..
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