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  • headpeaceloveGeez those legs! 🙏
  • deeana_7I wanna be that thin! Tell me ur secret!
  • fsnszjn@thildytoquin you're so right!!! I'm thin too... And I hate it because of that kind of rude comments 😔
  • r.a.l.e.i.g.hWish I was that slim ):
  • onemoremiracleeat more and you'll look even better!
  • rec_27身材真棒♥
  • corecinos😍
  • lucbao@trendshoes uay ui doi nay giong y si duc
  • auksechaIm slim like her but she looks better than me ://
  • brennagilbyAfter spending 3 and a half months in an anorexia treatment center, I can definitely tell when the difference between a naturally skinny girl, and a starving girl. She's definitely 100% no doubt about it - starving.
  • nahshonimmanuelBet she makes any news story good lol
  • frenchrican_tiffanyYou have to eat, mama...💚💚
  • jazzminebird@brennagilby you are right.
  • fadoua90way too skinny? she would look great with few pounds on
  • hawkandhawkGeez, what is wrong with you people? @chungalexa is stunning x
  • twobizzybeeShe is absolutely gorgeous: chin up. The rest of her looks like a skinny old lady
  • moilllaShe is way too skinny but I just like the way she looks💕
  • nellyellym@brennagilby same, and i completely agree, plus there are pictures of her bigger than she is now so its obviously not a case of 'she cant gain weight' ... Or 'she is naturally that skinny' , but either way i think alexa is one of the prettiest girls ever, and i love her fashion style x
  • thejaneeyreWomen are so judgemental with naturally skinny girls, I wonder why...
  • goldendragonflies@iivastefanova
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