Media workout today. Feeling 120% #TeamDSG
  • dannyswiftgarciaMedia workout today. Feeling 120% #TeamDSG

  • conanthebarbarian1I predict Danny will knock him out in the 6th round with thesame right cross costa szcu knocked him out with.
  • conanthebarbarian1Costa szcu made him do the Harlem shake hahaha. .
  • eee.veeeWhy you got 4 securities though? Lol zab got you shook or what ? Hahaaa
  • reyes313Danny got this !!! No worries ! Boricua we up !
  • tailor.made_jaCan't wait to see this fight!!! I see it as a step to next level even though Judah is old but he still has to perform at another level to make sure!
  • erika_muherOhh yes!
  • erika_muherHe retired old man morales!
  • riccofulfordGarcia by 6th round knockout.
  • boriifr3shYo dont let zab get to u... laugh it off kid... he only tryn to fuck up ur game plan.... U got dis
  • thatsorayvinHarrowgates Finest Get em Swift.
  • always_remain_humble_and_kindGood luck danny"!!! U got this!!!
  • jermsz23Bro I just put up 3stacks on you for Saturday with confidence go put in that work on Judah and shut that Crome dome up lol
  • sumo_1086@dannyswiftgarcia good luck bro do your thing make him fight ur fight not his and dont let it go all the way MAKE HIM GO NIGHT NIGHT IN HIS OWN TOWN #onelove from jersey #teamescalera #teambeast #unioncityboxing
  • bfuryShit crazy I'm from bk & Puerto Rican me I'm my squad gonna be at the fight reppin for the champ swift shot the whole Barclay is
  • kylie8004Good luck Sunday
  • curtybeWinning wishes to you Danny bladd from - Devon county, England 👊 😁
  • lamar_davis@dannyswiftgarcia Good luck kinfolk...
  • loyalty_b4_royalty_215My nigga erik... Keep ur head high @dannyswiftgarcia ... U the champion of the world my nigga... We never thought this would happen as kids U made it man... Im happy for u homie... Be safe and protect yourself at all times... @teamdsg.
  • gsds119U got 10 crazy puerto ricans coming to rep for u 2mrw Danny. from Newark to Philly we in the building!!!!
  • ericadrielgonzalezGot anotha great Rican fighter , hopefully one day ull get to fight mayweather and try to take that belt
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