• keeooneAlmost

  • miranda.walker😘
  • mrsferoBeautiful
  • cintafaatuonoYou are such an amazing photographer 😱❤
  • themysticalforestSeriously loving the composition if this image! ♥ So much talent!
  • feel_the_burnsI just love your Irish name! I think I'll name my boy that if I were to have one. Love your work, and your modesty. Keep it up! :)
  • deargabesWoooooow thats amazing
  • delaramarinaBeautiful pic! The good thing of being an actor is that u do what u like to do (acting). And u gain a lot of money, and havemore time to do other things u also love! Then, i'll send u good thoughts and good energy! So i hope u can receive them, and do a lot of great with ur photography hobby!! We love u and support u! I speak for ur brazilian fans! We just love uuuuu! Take care xoo
  • clairedmoonI love you
  • just_peachy84I love this picture!
  • keeoone1Keegan, you are my inspiration. I think you are great and I love you to the depths of my heart. I think you are a very talented actor especially in the season finale... You take amazing photos and someday I hope to see you in real life. You seem sweet and like a very nice person. Everyone who doesn't like you I think they have NO clue what they are thinking! So I just hope you can read this and know how much we all love you. I'm one of your biggest fans I watch PLL almost everyday just to look at you. I hope you don't just scroll past this because I think about you all the time and it would mean the world to me if you did what you did to @pllspobypll ! Love, @keeoone1 cuz ur number one! @keeoone
  • tiawhaite@keeoone
  • makenzee.27😞😞
  • bailey_dranchaklol i love how he replied 'hah thanks' and everybody's freaking out a commenting things so he'll reply. its so sweet @pllspobypll
  • sandvig87I find it a little scary how everybody says that they love you. Kinda a strong word for a person you have never meet. Anyways I find you work amazing :) You're an awesome actor and I really hope to see more of you :)
  • pretty_little_liarz_xoOmg! Keegan I love you soo much! If I were to choose any celebrity to hang out with for a day it would honestly be you I wouldn't have to think About it it would you I LOVE YOU KEEGAN!!!!❤❤
  • laura.oliverioOh my god for all of you people that comment on every single one of his pictures needs to relax seriously, he is a normal person like everyone else. I honestly feel bad for Keegan having to deal with tons of likes and comments I bet his phone is about to break because of all of it! So everyone CHILL and leave the poor guy alone! 😐
  • pretty_little_liarz_xo@lauraoliverio5499 can u like mind your own business because he has tons of fans that love him and care about him so sweetheart mind ur own buisness we love him and he probably loves all of the comments and ur probs jut doing this so that you get attention and you hope Keegan will notice you but no he won't notice you😒😁
  • pll_mysteries@lauraoliverio5499 I think he appreciates it so back off! If people like him they have the right to comment on his photos! What do you want, for him to get no comments at all or something??!!!
  • alexveselakOooh
  • troianisperffMy keegs my keegs my keegs hes super cute superr cuteee super cuttee!
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