These just rolled into the studio.  Offset Lithographs and street pasters of GOD SAVES AND SATAN INVESTS (NRA) will be sold on tomorrow, 04/25 between 10-12 AM LA time.
  • obeygiantThese just rolled into the studio. Offset Lithographs and street pasters of GOD SAVES AND SATAN INVESTS (NRA) will be sold on tomorrow, 04/25 between 10-12 AM LA time.

  • t_semi....and we still hate you
  • treypirtleHeard of satire, guys? Clearly not, given the amount of hate over this piece. Shepard has clearly made it known he isn't a man of religion, and his politics are also known. He's allowed to make a piece of whatever he wants; don't say he's simply supporting the government or whatever. The AK mag and flash hider are INTENTIONAL. One of the main motifs Sherpard plays off of is Communist themes; hence the red/black common in his work. Thus, the juxtaposition of the AK with the AR. C'mon people, know what you're criticizing before you open your mouth.
  • senseisameerCool! Nice art
  • mr_captain_light_manI love guns and Shepard. No hate for any of his work. @obeygiant
  • numnizzle@treypirtle nicely stated
  • bigchewpU Americans are mental. Constitutional right to bear arms. Move with the times, what lunatic needs an assualt rifle as home protection. We have a tiny amount of gun crime in the UK. You know why? Beacause we grew up and made them illegal.
  • bigchewp@deadgregory you illiterate fuck Andrea the giant!! Haha, heard she's a big girl.
  • bigchewp@mrkaiju @seductivebarry9 check out the comments. #hillbillybaiting
  • giegerheck@bigchewp the greater line of 2nd amendment does not express the need to bear arms for home protection, That is just a privilege. Read it educate yourself before come all sideways running your mouth. Im not going to waste my time with you explain what the 2nd amendment stands for or to educate your self on firearms, laws, constitutional rights, you can teach yourself. it's not my responsibility to educate you. Do not be so quick for judgment on rights being threaten when you never had them to loose. Not sure where your going with the Andrea the giant comment, I was obviously being sarcastic and taking at shot at obey propaganda. Way over your head I guess much like the constitution of the united states of America. Sorry buddy good luck next time
  • giegerheck@bigchewp and I understand there's plenty of spelling errors bud not giving much effort to argues with you, I know this game there's to many idiots like your self to spend my time typing away on the telephone #hillbillybaiting
  • giegerheck#hillbillybaitinggonewrong
  • al_meksikiThe NRA doesn't have much to do with your douchebag problems Shepard. People (real men/women) just don't care for your bandwagon causes. Most of your posters sold because of gun imagery. Washed up hack.
  • qualifiedtechnicianCorny as fuck.
  • marceloperalta"I love guns and Shepperd" was the most funny comment ever!
  • lumberjacktactical@rebels_and_martyrs
  • giegerheck@dont_be_an_idiot
  • tatalalitaFound it on melrose & crescent heights :)
  • ogandfatkatRad
  • sykeszor@bigchewp more like because the uk has a tiny fraction of population compared to the U.S. But nice try...p.s. Were not the UK, and we dont want to be.
  • homeofthewaxpoetics@77cruz @acmains
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