Setting up and sound-checking in Vienna Austria at Arena
  • killswitchengageSetting up and sound-checking in Vienna Austria at Arena

  • kd_sunshineI love that venue!
  • kutarukisarisee you soon. stoked as fuck !
  • michaelammmSee you there :) @killswitchengage
  • nicole0xoAustria , 💜 @killswitchengage
  • kmstrandLove to see you touring! It is a huge amount of work & setup to get the sound just right! You can tell which bands have a good setup crew. I went to concert recently where it was all a blur of white noise 10 times too loud! Keep up the great job! You guys are the best metalcore band hands down and it is so awesome that you are coming to the Detroit area!
  • acoldcupofwaterLucky bastards
  • blake_palQuestion: when you all play over seas, is it hard to power all of your equipment? Cause I'd be scared I'd blow everything up. Keep rocking the world!
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