It's true.
  • meigsotooleIt's true.

  • dudleypagesOne of my fave pins on Pinterest!
  • meigsotoolePrint is by Jason Bacher - he offers it on his site for free download
  • asianartmuseumIt's the dream
  • aimeejanaeYes!
  • ron_licataI feel ya
  • meigsotoole@ron_licata I need to give credit to Tim Leong who had this hanging at his desk - its where I first saw it & immediately needed it.
  • maura_otooleAs someone who never thought that I would love my job as much as I do, I think it's important to talk to kids about how when you find your niche it feels somewhat like how it feels as a kid playing- in the zone and enjoying oneself!
  • meigsotoole@mauraotoole so true! Make sure to print this out twice & put in the girl's rooms. :D
  • glamtamtamI dig this....q: the class titled: getting social rolled out last Feb...will it happen again?? (desperately need it)!
  • meigsotoole@glamtamtam I just moved back to Boston, so I'm looking into having webinars online. I'll post here if and when I do. Thanks for your interest!
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