Out of the camera and into the wild
  • keeooneOut of the camera and into the wild

  • prettylittleliarssxoYou are amazing💕
  • lexii_katie94Nice :) Did you use a medium format camera, making a polarise shot? @keeoone
  • itsjenniferrrCool
  • champagneberriesI admire your creativity @keeoone
  • chantelledianna@skyler_samuels
  • delaramarinaLoooooooove u
  • delaramarinaGreaaaat pic!!!!
  • kristhianm18*---*
  • oliviarootI wrote an admire paper about you and the teacher gave me a bad grade because she said being hot was not a reason to admire someone and responded by saying ummm have you seen him umm I beg to differ!!
  • kathrinetunmyint@keeoone love your photos. So vintage ☺
  • abbieallin_Hey Keegan, I don't know if you'll see this or not but I hope you do. My friends have been watching PLL since the beginning but I never got it. I never understood why they all loved it so much. So a while ago I started watching it from the beginning, and I love it. I understand why they love it now. It's because of how cool you guys are onscreen and off it, you're all amazing actors and actresses and I want you to know that you lot have kept me smiling for hours. Thank you for cheering me up even though you don't know it, and probably won't see this. But if you do, I just want you to know that i think you're awesome and an absolute legend:) x
  • pll_ezria_spoby_love@oliviaroot Hahaha!!!! OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!! She really needs to look at a picture of him! No matter how old she is she will think he is hot! And when some guys look at him they will fall in love too! Thats hiw hot he is!!!!
  • hu_lia7Ow.. amazing
  • loving_kitties_thats_meNice. 👏
  • kaylaashleyybWould love to be able to learn your photography skills- (just a beginner)
  • e.xtrasmallwhiteteeHere's a question you might not get a lot umm…what's you favorite uh kind of gum?? Idk😕
  • e.xtrasmallwhitetee@keeoone
  • perfectliarworldDear Keegan, to start off you wont read this because of your super busy schedule but here it goes: you are a very talented young man at acting photography singing and playing the gutair. You inspire many young and old people and that means alot. I hope you can at least comment back:)
  • perfectliarworldPeople love you and look up to you:) and I am one of those people :)
  • perfectliarworld@keeoone please read
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