Poker on the porch
  • teddysphotosPoker on the porch

  • _depr3ssed_Is it just me... or does everyone love the feeling of your hair when it has just been cut?
  • paulinakyutunyanhi ed! i know you probably wont reply to this or maybe even read it but i want to let you know how much i love you and how much youve inspired me! Your voice just soothes my soul. you are so original and creative! Because of you, i write my own songs and one day i hope to be sucessful as you have! your voice is so beautiful and amazing!!! you are the definition of perfection and i would just love to meet you even thought i know thatll never happen. :/ but youre so down to earth and real, thats what i love about you! you are incredible! I Love you ♡♡
  • manda.duranGangsta
  • poooooooooooppppppppdndn...porch on the poker...
  • urban.niallI can see that being one of the names off your new songs. We were playing poker
  • urban.niallOn the porch it was about 54 dollars on the line and I said dang that's pretty finee!
  • sheeranweedI saw you tweeting about this 😳
  • hannah.carlile💙💚💙💚💜
  •'d beat yo ass ANYDAY Ed 😏
  • harolddstagrammI love youuuu
  • lilywayne10Loll love ya
  • notinservicebitchyou totally copied me.
  • maddiesandlinI love poker
  • th3naikst3rHe looks like he's checking you out... I don't blame him. @captain_kiara
  • captnkiaraIf I was a guy I would understand I would be gay for u. That's it. @th3naikst3r
  • looveluluI dont want a shout iut or anything id just be cool if a famous person was following me
  • gab_loves_you15My dad thought me how to play when I was 5
  • _kated__Isn't dat illegal #badassoverhere
  • kristinaj_xoDon't know how to playyyy
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