A 3 dog night after a  cold and rainy day in Chi.
  • oprahA 3 dog night after a cold and rainy day in Chi.

  • cuty.albronzyI want one ☺️
  • ululani35So cute
  • cats33333ksa😣 cute
  • misspris724@stillmayhem
  • frozengrapez@twerkerbee
  • sheila_monroe0412Dear Oprah, my mom is a big fan of yours for years. She moved to curaçao 2 years ago to make a living after working 2-3 jobs here in Holland. She moved to curacau where we have family. But she has an amazingly big live for dogs and seeing the poor condition they are in she took 8 dogs in to my grandmothers house who is not here anymore. Besides that she goes out everdyay to feed the dogs on the street that live in packs but who are treated so poorly. I want to help her reach her goals of helping the streetdogs of curacau. Her dream is to have a place to take care of them and get medical support food water. So knowing you are her big hero and recognise the love she has for dogs would be the most wonderfull thing. She could use Some help from a bigger person who has loves for dogs like u Ms. Winfrey. I can send Some personal pictures so you can see what she is doing. Kind regards, Kimberly her daughter❤️❤️❤️
  • dogsenjoylifeTriple love
  • ninikkusuma78Heaven
  • edrik3@annaclarew
  • jaqueroriz27Fofucthoss!!
  • queenbee1136Love it!
  • doviegreerThat is a KODAK moment!
  • p.guayLooks like my bed...lol
  • x2__7♥♥♥
  • larissalockshin@julialock7 oprah's doggies 🐶🐶🐶
  • crisffeittosa💕🐶💕🐶💕🐶
  • blingboneofficialOmg 💕
  • tcharell🐶💞🎄🎁🎅💫
  • liaiphoneart😍😍😍
  • litspamaccount31@noimradiorebel stacked
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