Caption this.
  • keeooneCaption this.

  • truthhidden_^^^
  • kkellyyderasmoLol
  • lorna_flynnA mirror will never show your true beauty within, only the mask you hide it under<3
  • cassiesaralayneMirrors on vacation
  • jo_celine26I look for the monster inside me. Wondering where it could be. That monster so deeply hidden who only comes out when the darkness over shadows the light. I cry out seeking for your guidance. Your help. To stop this monster. I wonder who it could be. There are no mirrors to tell. To tell the beauty from the ugly. The truth from the lie. Sun from the moon. And the earth from the sky. So I ask you for the help I so desperately need only to realize your the mirror that mirrors me.
  • caytebethThats what she said... ? (;
  • mckinleighbarney@myowntraitor you're a writer, aren't you? I can guess from your username alone. Your comment^^ is so amazing, and I was only wondering if you wrote it yourself. <3 Stay beautiful xox
  • keegster_901Aww now I can't see my sexy face!!! Keegan said
  • keegster_901Well I think there's something missing :/
  • keegster_901Is it just me or its getting harder to reflect
  • keegster_901Gone fishing. Wanted to catch a glimps
  • keegster_901MISSING SOMETHING???
  • keegster_901-A
  • keegster_901Missing something? -A
  • 22lizzieb😫Now I can't take a mirror pic.
  • jo_celine26Thank you. I just came from camp and saw that. It made my day. Yes, I did write that thank you that means the world. I want to be an author more then anything @memypicsandi
  • mckinleighbarneyWell it makes my day just knowing that I could make yours :) Best of luck to you on becoming an author- do not give up your dream for anything. @xoxo_jo_l
  • jo_celine26Really, thank you. It means so much
  • drewdowOhhhh shiiiiiit boys got jokes!
  • lillydurkinn😂😂😂👏
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