T.G.T in the studio, ready to set it off.
  • flyjocktomjoynerT.G.T in the studio, ready to set it off.

  • deechitownThanks for sharing. They are HANDSOME!!!😍
  • budter65Hey there sexy men tyrese u need a pop on ur butt but u still loved
  • 2017excellentGood God!
  • girlfriendstalkWho got 9 kids???
  • sigmalady1998Ginuwine has 9 kids!! O_O! Tank has 4 kids, but wants 10 o_O!! Tyrese has 1, wants 2.
  • rickyricardo9098@flyjocktomjoyner can you ask Ty the name of the artist that did his R.I.P mural
  • mikasworldddWell got damn!!! They tryna take it back to the old days with all them kids. 😒😐
  • free2fly62Good show ! TGT
  • mizztazdI almost crashed the Grand Prix listening to”Sex aint never felt better”...... :-) <3 it!!
  • kewibridgeSorry not supporting...disappointed in Ty for his comments! Shout out to G and Tank!
  • nati_girl_kayThese guys were great. Their love and bond is so evident.
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