When other doubt you, best thing to do is succeed. #gvsu #lakerforlife
  • dearchouaWhen other doubt you, best thing to do is succeed. #gvsu #lakerforlife

  • mspakouxiongCongratulation when's the ceremony
  • dearchoua@pkxiong92 this Saturday, the 27th :) and thanks hon.
  • shinaleeCongrats Choua!
  • mspakouxiongFor real so soon i really want to come see you graduate but sadly we have a family funeral to go to this Saturday too! Wish you best
  • dearchoua@pkxiong92 it's alright! I know it's far for you guys :) lets hang out sometimes this summer. @shinalee thanks Shina :)
  • mspakouxiongTotally gotta spend time together this summer, i only have four weeks off from school so I'm gonna start planning for those weeks I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer
  • dearchoua@pkxiong92 are you taking summer classes? Let me know when you're in town!
  • mspakouxiongNo I'm not but they only let us have four weeks off
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