⚓Reply on @badgalriri pic. Thanks @hernameisrihanna for catching this one!⚓ @brandon_barch let her celebrate! SN: DONT GET NASTY I WILL BLOCK YALL she handled it !
  • rihplies⚓Reply on @badgalriri pic. Thanks @hernameisrihanna for catching this one!⚓ @brandon_barch let her celebrate! SN: DONT GET NASTY I WILL BLOCK YALL she handled it !

  • pokemonkawaiiI'm wondering if she checks her Notifications lol
  • muziqizmylife_@rihplies yeahhh I wanna see a pic too @rihannaoverdose! Haha I don't think your bragging. I appreciate your pics & stories. Lol
  • izzy_jorge#Nuffsaid @badgalriri
  • theyloveletrice@rihplies I just feel like she has worked hard to get where she is at she has the right to be cocky and celebrate it with her fans.....I love @badgalriri sooo much she deserves every bit of her success 😛just my opinion tho
  • the_nappyheaded_gurlWelp. 💅
  • taina_santi"downfall".....And how is she not being humble??? This is the same woman who started her DWT SIIIIIICK!! Yet she still performed for her fans and stay thanking her fans ALLLLL the time in many ways. The words this dipshit wrote RiRi is spewing shit! Ughhh Hand this nigga a fuckin napkin to wipe his own screen, cus it's full of shit. @badgalriri deserves to celebrate her success and accomplishments. She's HUMAN just like the rest of us and appreciates the recognition for her hard work and talent. That's like going to school and busting ur ass to get good grades and someone calls you out for posting your grades up for others to share in your happiness. Stop the hate! Sheesh, LIVE AND LET LIVE.
  • taina_santiThanks hun @danztm
  • doogcisumThat dude has issues. Rihanna Clapped his dumb ass down 😊
  • brandon__barch@jashaunajay its all good i mean Rih said it best "what susie says of sally says more of susie than sally" and people so quick to say "hater" yet I actually go out spend $$ and support her. But -kanye shrug- lol let them continue to pound them keys on the keyboard I appreciate that comment and the one from earlier :)
  • silvanaaa_#proudofmyfave
  • rihplies@jashaunajay listen don't come here talking about ppl going way to hard for someone who don't know them when my page shows how much she interacts with her fans. Do they go hard and it's too much at times? Yes, but ppl go hard for her because she's so personable and some of those "going hard" she talks to often. Also they don't go any harder than any other fan base.
  • cocola_riaRihanna has every reason to be COCKY if she wants to be. Her success is quite evident. However, I think she's truly the opposite of cocky. She be chillin.
  • cocola_riaWhatever Rihanna's career goal was...I bet you she's still amazed at how successful she actually became. I say go RiRi!!
  • phuckyourbfflife😨
  • blackberrinavyLmfao she's always got the best #clapbacks
  • split_persona_Lol put him right in his place.. Simple & on some humble shit!! ❤
  • missessunflowersShe is humble fuck he talking about
  • nextsundaybitchLmaooo you are 2 smart !! @badgalriri
  • fresca_marieFuck that!!! You should be proud rih!! Plus you were thanking your fans!!! Whatever doe haters ALWAYS gon hate.
  • dimplezndreadsThere's nothing wrong w/ celebrating success. She works hard nonstop, let her congratulate herself. It's not like she hangs it over anyone else's head.
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