In Perth with @virginaustralia
  • richardbransonIn Perth with @virginaustralia

  • thesleepyone7Peru,Heyyy
  • lloydcordero99Sir Richard. What is your secret and recepie for success? ... I know I can do it. Please..
  • aereidsSee you in SG this weekend @richardbranson !!
  • sam_irissouCome to the SYD international base please @richardbranson we would love to see you! I'll be going to AUH on Saturday, please visit us at sign on? ❤
  • wanderlustheart@richardbranson I want to be a flight attendant for virgin America but I never see any advertising for cabin crew openings! Im a showgirl and would work the aisle! 😊
  • djwilli@richardbranson run it straight
  • pedrofalconiI've got some friends out there right now promoting the Go Green movement. Australia is a beautiful country, they say! Can't wait to visit :)
  • neelgomez@smithnjw @jplatch wish we could've gone!!!
  • smithnjwReckon! Thought of it the other day. @neelgomez
  • neelgomezBloody work -_- @smithnjw
  • smithnjwBloody bitches -.- hahaha @neelgomez
  • mattjackson85What did you think of our city @richardbranson ?
  • lucita29@richardbranson 😍👠 just today, had a conversation about the 'label' that has been given to women who wear red heels- to say the least... Bring the red shoes back!!!
  • itstanileanstagramOmgg my dream is to be a virgin atlantic cabincrew ... Them uniforms aswell amazeballs 😍
  • faz_143👍
  • courteneyellettThank-you @richardbranson for a fun-filled memorable day! It was such an honour and pleasure to meet you and work along side you today! Us VARA crew will be talking about this day for a very long time. Your presence boosted all the support and enthusiasm of the crew for the takeover and we are so excited to be part of the Virgin group! Thank-you again for being such an inspiration and taking the time to come out to Perth for the launch! (That's me holding the flag on the left!!)
  • fsa492Sir even in a moment like this I was extremely glad to see your success in this bright picture. I am in London atm. I believe you check your own social media. If you could check my tweet to you from last night. My id @fsa492. Hope this reaches you. It's a cry from a Bangladeshi fan of your success and personality. @richardbranson
  • heal01I'm liking the Indiana Branson hat !!!
  • jadehirst8@richardbranson hiya you dont know me. Im names jade im 23 and live in Yorkshire im newly married. And treating my husband to our first trip together to los Angeles in may flying virgin never flown virgin before and only just being able to able to treat him and we fly out on is birthday 16th may from Manchester would there be any chance just on the way out you could upgrade us to first class we will never be able to afford this in our lifetime and to do this it would b simply amazing please get it touch please right back on one of my pictures and ill write straight back fingers crossed thank you
  • sam_purcellWhy did u change to Australia from Virgin blue p.s Virgin Australia is much better the paint on the aircrafts and the name
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