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  • juneambrose#maverickmonday #punkstar #metball

  • marcia_dalyNah
  • honeybeeshe#Beyhive
  • brightassmeMaybe this is how PUNK was done in Houston?? This is what happens when she gives her stylist the night off and does it herself.
  • themav_@brightassme ^ ha! I'm from Houston, punk was never done that good! Lol
  • rotten_peaches@brightassme Loooooooool
  • lika2786Ah ben si... elle y était ! @audrweya
  • dopefreshlife👌
  • papaoppongNot everything with Beyoncé has to be girly and super princessy and glamorous. I love that she's breaking out her comfort zone and actually following the theme. Punk is different all over the world. That's what the met was all about. Punk in Italy was different from punk in New York and Africa. She's wearing a European designer so definitely her punk for the met isn't sprayed hair and safety pins...but I guess everyone has their opinion huh? Read a bit more :)
  • julia_zaitsevaThe best!
  • divaextrodinaire247Pretty from the waist up
  • littletoesandbows#Givenchy I would have loved to of seen a more simple shoe with this and I did not love the belt. Beyonce looked beautiful though how does she get that never ending glow??? 😍
  • good4nothg@juneambrose......What is ur opinion of this here?
  • ladyjbIt looked nice when it was the full dress and it was all laid out. But these up close photos just look plain. 😒 You could've done better.
  • nikiba_mYOU LOOK HORRIBLE! Disappointing b! all that mula n no swag
  • pure__vanityHorrible? That's laughable
  • truaries@__cara___ agreed!
  • staffonI wasn't feeling that at all; a big downgrade in comparison to her dress from last year.
  • terezeoActually one of the best pics I've seen of Bey
  • pippi2118Beautiful simple beautiful :-)
  • just_jay87She looks amazing!!!!!!
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