That's a wrap on day one shooting with @SamMacaroni @nathanbarnatt @kandeejohnson @chestersee
  • shaycarlThat's a wrap on day one shooting with @SamMacaroni @nathanbarnatt @kandeejohnson @chestersee

  • michalyaari386Hahaha Chester!!!
  • jnncaChester!!!
  • laniedisarioShay I just wanted to say I love you guys!! You and your family are amazing and very funny. I have to be gone for 3 or 4 days so ill have to be not caught up on the vlogs:( but I'm caught up so far. I'll watch all of the vlogs I missed on Friday tho!! Love you guys :)
  • cordeliamaryKANDEE!
  • indie._.mamaKandee and shay in one photo I'm dreaming
  • brooke1d0KANDEEEEE!!!!!!!!..........................shay....😑 great pic how can it get any better Kandee and shay in the same pic oh my,
  • larissabaliOmg KANDEE JOHNSON!!! 😵😲 TWO OF THE BEST YOUTUBERS IN ONEE!!! @kandeejohnson @shaycarl
  • keannax21Hey I am a big fan I watch you every day
  • caitlintylerYay kandee
  • oliviaastudeShay I love you so much I don't have a YouTube account so I can't subscribe or comment to show my support so Ill say it here! You guys are amazing and funny and I watch you everyday. You say so many amazing things that inspire me and push me to do better things in my life. Thank You so much for making me laugh and feel like I'm a part of your family. You guys are amazing! I 💜 you! @shaycarl
  • _tommy_huynhz_Hi shay
  • mia_gadsbyHey shay huge fan I watch the vlog every day!
  • codywithfordWatching this at the very minute
  • cplusrTwo of my fav youtubers! @kandeejohnson and @shaycarl
  • ssidjennyngynI saw the blog when you were wearing that suit shay and tell your family I said hi
  • samantha.nivonIt is kandee
  • queenoftheclouds77Kandee!!
  • tristenboisverttI love all of u guys as soon as I get home from school I check for a volg
  • sillyone13No way is that chester see
  • princess.trinbYou can tell it's a good video if Sam Macaroni is in the video
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