Met ball sneak peek
  • juleshoughMet ball sneak peek

  • kc9432That looks pretty cool :)
  • nsarra_@a_sar by far the ugliest ring I've ever seen #spidersarentjewlery #theyareenemies
  • saradonaI'm sure that ring cost a pretty penny!!
  • losgatos_pamFreak'n scary!
  • i_dream_of_That's a little creepy.
  • meeanduuSweet spin me on the dance floor all night long.
  • mandyxoharrisonLove the ring !!!
  • jellybean_starLuv the ring <3
  • tiakayas if spiders didn't terrify me enough, now they're a fashion statement 😭😭😭
  • itsnat4liathats cool hahaha
  • somii_l2love the ring 3>
  • ehammond86@juleshough fab nails
  • treatbeauty😘
  • am_instahair@codygirl27
  • roger_skI'd wack the living righ out of that ring.. Hehe xD
  • roger_skRigh = shit
  • xtinajones5@katie_walker15
  • _britneyjade_Hey! I have a genuine question. I hope you have time to read this. There are not very many celebrities from Utah. To be honest I only know if you and Marie Osmond by heart. I had the opportunity to work with a celebrity who was famous 20 years ago. His name is Pauly Shore. He came to our small town of Vernal Utah Thursday, January 22 to do a standup comedy show. The salon in which I work (Best salon in my area) volunteered to treat him with spa services to ensure he had a good time, seeing as there isn't much to do in Vernal. He was completely rude and to be forward and honest, a complete scumbag. He was self absorbed and a perv. I will have more opportunities to work with celebrities who come through Vernal Utah. But my question is are most celebrities that wY
  • _britneyjade_*that way?
  • _britneyjade_I'm professional as I can be and I'm good at my job. I don't think I want to offer my services to celebrities if most of them are that way.
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