Male cardinal in our pear tree.
  • yougrowgirlMale cardinal in our pear tree.

  • angenglandI love the cardinals!
  • bonbonbreakWoah! My son would go crazy. We live in the PNW so we don't see them. Only on a trip to Hawaii - I know, odd, but true
  • yougrowgirl@bonbonbreak We were pretty excited. Both male and female visited our bird feeder.
  • angeluneThere is a pair that visit our back yard. Today we saw a blue jay while walking the dog.
  • kerbrary@yougrowgirl I always see cardinals in our backyard I love their little chirps. I'm hoping to see my favorite red-winged blackbird visit my yard this year.
  • gardenbrehow great that you got a photograph of it too - yippee
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