The Crow Canyon track is being prepped for today's Tucker Rocky ride day. Looking good! #motocross #ohio
  • racerxonlineThe Crow Canyon track is being prepped for today's Tucker Rocky ride day. Looking good! #motocross #ohio

  • cm_643@mrhuffer112
  • moore_on@phillyb87 1.5 hrs south of me in ulrichsville, oh. Dangit @racerxonline did you guys announce this!?!?!?! I wouldn't have gone out of town..
  • dc904It's been too long since I've been to the old crow. @racerxonline
  • hondoer27Oh it will be rocky.. @dh717
  • bpoderzayCrow makin it on the gram!! Props. Love this track!
  • moore_on@racerxonline future ohio national location??? #rutcity
  • imoto36@mooreon1 you're on crack. That track is like two feet wide and one lined. I like it but not national quality of anything about it
  • funk389Track isnt that great lol but this pic makes it look good !
  • moore_on@imoto36 I'm on crack, sure thing. Just wishing to have an Ohio national back. Have you heard of a disc? You can widen a track easily. Case in point-the Bristol national this year, I.e. Muddy Creek a victory motorsports teack ran by Sam Gammon is being widened, elevated, and raised to accomodate a National. It wasn't a serious thought about crow, just a punch at racerX who in turn is MX sports-would be awesome to have a nat again-crow could be better than kenworthy's. And logistically, it would be great. You would draw from Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cleveland, and Indianapolis. Plus guys that go to most every national like me. Didn't mean to offend your thought process @imoto36 , just thinking out of the box as an entrepreneur should. Check it out @racerxonline . Lol. And I agree @mfunk389 lools prime in the pic. Hit me up @imoto36 , I got that good crack. Haha
  • janslutz815@racerxonline tell sellards to gear up and get his ass out there I know he can still throw some mean whips....
  • __114Track sucks
  • moore_on@__114 so does your girl, but in a good way. Just like they could widen, rip, and throw some sand and sawdust on it to retain moisture.
  • nicolechaos248Sellards was out at the track today but he wasnt geared up everytime i seen him
  • mech4uI grew up a mile from that place,along way fom home now
  • smitty856Isn't sellards a wps guy. Tucker guys prob wouldn't wanna see him reppin his @flyracing
  • j_philo03I ride there all the time!!
  • bentoye@azarkiewicz200 @pmg91 I rode here for an LLQ!!
  • csym108@jschwa828 so fresh
  • mt_hamma@lightningboltbitchass
  • thisguysthelimit__loveee Crow Canyon
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