• ildzorCome to stockholmmmm!!!!
  • sarajoycejaYes please come back to sweden!!!!!
  • linnkarinjosefineCome to Sweden !!
  • myriammestEveryone is asking you to go somewhere so… please comeback to monterrey mexico, we REALLY need you💙
  • krismirnovTo Russia !
  • jakejameshttps://t.co/xK45gIujYf

    My bands first demo. Should have these 3 + another 4 properly recorded by end of June. Give us a listen x
  • signehentrichCome to Denmark!
  • isakcraSouth Africa is such a amazing country!! Full of culture, I feel happy for you.
  • kan_treDALLLLAS!
  • annebeartizWow! They have such an amazing art!
  • monsieurdylan_Come to Mexico!!!!
  • shonadandoraah Green Market Square..where the vendors think you are forgein even when you have a thick South African accent. "I give you good deal"
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