Philippians 4:13
  • nicolescherzyPhilippians 4:13

  • athearocksi thought u said Philippines ;P ...
  • haydin_kkI love this I love GOD to
  • macyalbertxIm ur biggest fan #swag nicole
  • iamfrancescar❤❤❤❤❤ @thenicolescherzinger
  • akward_turdleHow cool @thenicolescherzinger
  • kaseyludlowLove this so much🙏 you're beautiful both inside and out @thenicolescherzinger
  • maofolaumoetuiWooohooo!
  • chrissie_alexisAmen
  • tonygreeneAmen
  • anthonysamona_quikpix@karlaap1974 I was just skimming through these comments, and you just made my night putting that Jodie girl in her place. She obviously doesn't know a thing or two about religion. Just know that I'm so proud there are people like you to defend our faith. God bless you always beautiful 😘🙏
  • anthonysamona_quikpix@jodiecase1 Jodie. I'm sorry but your comments are not ace. There's always good. And always bad in this world. It's OUR choice to lead the path God lived for us on Earth when he came in human form. Take a look around....the devil is working at its finest. By working through people to destroy, burn, steal, kill, lie, and do horrendous things. And then God is working through people to by doing good in the world. Why do you only bring up the bad? Do you know how many beautiful things happen in the world as well? You obviously don't because you're so focused on what's bad and you believe that you are a speck in this world in it's evolution and history. Just know one thing, that one person, across the country or your comment out of all of the billions of comments on instagram and is responding to you. You are not a speck Jodie. You are a human being and you were put on this earth for a purpose to live a life after death. Look at everything around you. Be thankful. That's love. Love God. Know God. Let Go(d).
  • karla_and_her_boys@anthonysamona_quikpix 😘
  • vanessaawilliamsAmen girrlllll!
  • harrissprwmnYes indeed!
  • yasha_fierceYes sis, I'm sure out Father is proud of you! He is the reasons, the purpose, the function! So proud of u @thenicolescherzinger
  • mysongmediaAmen @thenicolescherzinger ! 👍😊🙏
  • zaragozalupeAmen we need Jesus Christ!!
  • _.bellissimo._God will bless you and take you to heaven to live with him
  • manny8__God bless you @nicolescherzy i never knew you loved God! ♥♥♥
  • kknajsbsheueuedbdbduduAmen x
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