Aside from being able to pull off an emo haircut, what's Aquaman's superpower?
  • chrispirilloAside from being able to pull off an emo haircut, what's Aquaman's superpower?

  • _davidkelleyMaking a mean fish and chips
  • griffinnovetskyHahahaha^^^
  • brianberlingHaving the cellular density to withstand the pressure at the bottom of the ocean
  • nboreckiHe's a fine seaman
  • rich2freshGetting girls wet in a single bound
  • pmolaroTalking to sea creatures
  • carloscancookFish and chips. Most def!! He was the seafood chef at Bruce Wayne's restaurant.
  • rbmt64Able to jump tall waves in a single bound.
  • davidwilderjr666He can Swim Really fast, breathe underwater, telepathically talk to all sea creatures, and has the cellular density to go to the ocean floor without being crushed
  • garrettseancummingsSuper strength along with all of that^^^
  • diablo_roboticoImagine a warrior training his body and fighting skills in the absolute crushing depths of the ocean. He's just shy of Superman in terms of strength. Also,
  • diablo_roboticoHis senses are enhanced because they're not muted by being at the bottom of the ocean
  • freddyetavarezQuoting rajesh,."aquaman sucks"
  • barilchaseAre u gonna do a meat up in New Orleans?!?! πŸ˜ƒ @chrispirillo
  • ricorickHe is awesome in INJUSTICE.
  • gjamz_hawaiiFunny well he can breath under water
  • jordanmarsdenHe can talk to fish!
  • carlosgilbert23@chrispirillo Hi ther Chris!! ,, I am watching Right now your iPhone 5 Unboxing, and its a bit Large xD , But interesting Anyway love your videos
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