Thick crema morning before Pantry time.
  • creativequalityThick crema morning before Pantry time.

  • jodielayneOh my goodness, that is beautiful! I always tell my hair dresser I want crema colored hair.
  • campandquarryI'm in Seattle for one day only! Any must-dos? This looks delicious, btw!
  • creativequality@campandquarry This is one of my favorite brunch spots -- highly recommended! See the troll if you haven't yet. The Univ Dist Farmer's market is great (especially Rachel's Ginger Beer). I think there is a tree-climbing rig in Volunteer Park today too.
  • creativequality@campandquarry MOHAI is my favorite museum here, and the neighborhood it's in is fun to explore as well!
  • creativequality@jodielayne Beautiful color for hair!!!
  • campandquarry@creativequality thanks! I tried that ginger beer last time I was here! So good!!! Maybe we'll check out MOHAI today!
  • mumblebucketI want it!
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