Very cool piece of art at the 21C hotel in Bentonville AR
  • juleshoughVery cool piece of art at the 21C hotel in Bentonville AR

  • masha.1.5.0Nice)
  • kathleencutting@bacca_4_5_6 would love this
  • meganmagic@14champ14
  • putrayandaNice
  • iokatasiNice!
  • ppaulinka@kamek89
  • megsregs@erex3000 let's play
  • jacksonmatayo@lilliehaddock that's what I was trying to do all morning! I never got to see her though :(
  • yurpolsckaya❤❤
  • _lfngwreOmg thank you for comeing to my home town!
  • arobin421Sad I missed seeing you, the one weekend I'm out of town :(
  • georgette_frazier@zacfrazier83
  • chandlerdonaldsonOkay so, me and my friend were talking about celebrity crushes yesterday and you are my celebrity crush. I'm known for my eyes and I always kid around with my friends that your my celebrity crush because your eyes are prettier than mine. The sad thing was I was at crystal bridges yesterday and I just found you went today. The irony. Anyway your probably not going to respond to this but life's about taking chances. If you see this I just hope it put a smile on your face. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh
  • aizzzak@cassitrillion I want this
  • _patsy_salazomg u came to Arkansas thts where i live OMG😍😍
  • chl0e.mooreI live in Bentonville
  • chl0e.mooreI live less than a mile away from the 21c hotel
  • dj_b92all i can say is...baseketball baseketball BASEKETBAAAALL :)))
  • taylorjordalThe sad thing is... You cant shoot on it.
  • dmanfansSeriously! I've been there! It's like 30 mins from my house! I'm so sad I didn't know you were in my hometown!! 😔
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