After the wedding,  let's stand on State Street
  • jimgaffiganAfter the wedding, let's stand on State Street

  • yolly_yakeI never thought I'd miss a bacon joke...
  • msdarkmetalCan't wait!
  • andreweathersIf you turn right you'll see the Willis Tower.
  • bhuffman02You staying in my hotel?
  • dbl_n_jennyou'd be surprised how many people do this in that location...
  • tobym25They got married on 420 so thus is probly normal for them
  • avimeyerrIt doesn't seem fair that your already really funny AND your lucky enough to come across the funniest moments.
  • jenlynngramsIn the same hotel! Nice.
  • t21_familyof7...and with your name shown on the Marquee of of the most famous buildings in Chicago. The stars definitely aligned.
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