Nuns n synths. C'mon @thekatvond, you can hardly tell I moved in ;)
  • deadmau5Nuns n synths. C'mon @thekatvond, you can hardly tell I moved in ;)

  • double_loser_whatever@deadmau5 it really sux that kat couldnt come to dallas tx :( please please tell her she has to reschedule i stayed up all night because i was to excited to sleep and went extra early to get a ticket n even called out of work just so i can meet kat.. I saw others so happy that morning to buy her book and im sure they felt bummed out as i did when i saw they had canceld .. Please please tell her to come n hope she gets better soon..
  • xuaon85I have that nun on the far left yelling her face off!! Haha
  • love.rundstromI LOVE your music youre cool
  • _zay_fuerte_Luv ya deadmau5
  • catdaddymaxyWe're happy that you found love Joel. You and Kat rock hard core. You're my fuckin hero man, keep being awesome and keeping it the realest.
  • catdaddymaxyAnd oh ya... Are you part of the illuminati now? Bahahahahaha😂
  • belin_official
  • originalusHahahhahhahahhahah 👆
  • zestygrandpaI. Lurv. You.
  • damusicmenYour great @deadmau5 I love ur music and minecraft music keep on playing and don't let anyone put u down ur great!
  • kinghookissnice!
  • sydneykapaI think it's so cute that you're only following one person & that's Kat
  • anders.swansonnothing. he would never do that.
  • mgonzaalezx@deadmau5 Throw up a pic of you wearing one of @official__daftpunk s helmets at hakkasan!!!
  • ___israel__Strobe
  • gdp_98@mgonzaalezx were you at the hakkasan performance
  • mgonzaalezx@bk_skateteam Nah nowhere near it, but I would love to see that
  • gdp_98Did you happen to heat who opened for him @mgonzaalezx
  • gut_youngFuck yes! @deadmau5
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