Love Love Love
  • wizkhalifaLove Love Love

  • spiffy_since91The hip hop Maxwell loll
  • biggbanksjrWiz imma big fan can i have num nohomo
  • goosetavocubasLame
  • journaayyYour style is so unique , it's way different from any other rapper well artist . Your so different ; that's what I like the most about you ☺
  • love you jacket
  • nussiePlzz reply back how did you promote your muzik
  • skyhighh__duhh@mistercap Hey Wiz I Go By The Name Blizzy. I Am A D.C Rapper & I Swear Im Your Biggest Fan. U Are My Inspiration When It Comes To Music Thats Y I Make So Many Good Hits. But Uhh I Would Really Be Soo Blessed If You Can Click On My Link To Listen To My Song "Rolli". I Swear If U Would listen to it and like it that would make the rest of my life. Idc If U Dnt Reply Because Ik That U Not Going Too. But Pllzzz Listen To Me. I Have Another Single Coming Out This Saturday Called "Guh". Im Juss Doin This For My Team PACKBOYZ & Of Course TGOD cuz Thats Who I Would Like To Ride Wit For The Rest Of My Life. But Uhh Im Not Tryna Hold U Up Or Anything But Ummm Plz Juss Listen To It.. For Ur Biggest Fan. PackBoy!i
  • martinpk_What brand is the jacket from
  • prettysweet_dawnshrieGot damn.<3
  • justaumizfitBring the fro back wiz
  • _growthhLovin the hair son
  • guttaheemI look just like you wiz!!!
  • kvandmarieeSwaggy ass nigga
  • e.tha.pMad respect for a nigga lik u. 💯
  • callmeeninaji love you!
  • devin_the_influencebring back the fro, the old swag, and the old flow
  • ralphfaiella@anthony_rainone
  • 4igor4Você é o caraaa
  • haleyalexisxxHopefully you see this but I'm one of your biggest fans ever since you started ❤️ I love you wizzzz! I will smoke with you one day 😝💨 that's my dream! And keep on shining 😋
  • jja_zBaby dreads Cameron😏💜
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