Life is about taking the positives and elongating them for a lifetime.
  • teamvicLife is about taking the positives and elongating them for a lifetime.

  • jetlag9726@teamvic do what you feel is right for you and your family.. At the end of the day, it's a job and a business and if he wasn't winning and dancing they would have let him go... Any place where you work and do a great job you wanna move up and get paid doing it... You've been good to the Giants on so many levels and the community. Such an inspiration to many... Your heart is golden and I wish you all the best in whatever you do... Wouldn't lie, I'll be just as happy if you stayed but won't hate you if you didn't....👍💋❤
  • jpkitzzI won't lie ill be very upset if you leave, we need you
  • nchimunyaNice!!!!
  • jerzey354don't 4get who gave you a chance to become who you are 2day please stay loyal to the #Giants I hope you get the money you deserve #paterson 🙌🙏✊#Boriqua
  • bklynrich81@teamvic don't do a Jeremy Lin move. Yeah you will get more money somewhere else but probably with a non contention type squad that has money to spend. Ny needs you!!!
  • avanish118We need you homie! Stay with big blue!! You and Eli make each better!
  • rtice_xviiyour not loyal. now accept the offer.
  • inezbearEli made U!!!!!
  • loyalty_firstt😍😘
  • tyrone1gSign the damn contract dude
  • johnnystayfreshStay with the Giants bro! Keep reppin New Jersey and New York, you're the man out here!
  • johnnystayfresh@teamvic
  • hugoparker1you are right and better than white, always in trend all the time.
  • twiggy4142I see yah cute face u look really nice
  • evan_weber82_Sign the damn contract geez
  • anniemiranda51Sign the Big Blue Contract already. U r freaking me out over this. You are a Giant! A Jersey Boy! Stay with the Giants please
  • marlinec_👌
  • tru2urheartLove it
  • __b_star__At a first glance you look like jay in this pic #HOVmoment
  • zbesosNice outfit
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