Painted some freckles on for my audition yesterday! #closetedmakeupartist
  • juleshoughPainted some freckles on for my audition yesterday! #closetedmakeupartist

  • gedytYour incandescent beauty!!
  • bellasanto@itsmeliv27 whoa lol
  • abdelilah_medYour still gorgeous
  • huntahhdancerYou look alot like Sharee here! Gorgeous (:
  • brandonhpromotionsStill albino, painting brown spots on your nasty white skin won't change that. You'll still wrinkle quickly, and you'll still get sunburnt Unlike black beauties like beyonce, Gabrielle union, etc. how does it feel to be an albino (white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes)?
  • emruthlessWhat is wrong with you? You honestly have nothing better to do than hate on someone because of their genetics? Do you think she gives a shit as to what a nobody thinks about her? I highly doubt it. I feel bad for you, get a life. @dluxxxe
  • cindyrb5Feels great to be albino asshole. @dluxxxe
  • enmacabreraU are so racist yes u can be racist with a white person and Shes a beauty @dluxxxe
  • jax811@dluxxxe clearly you don't know what an albino is- I've seen a "black" one w pink eyes, pink skin, and yellow African hair. So, uh, some "black" people have skin just as sensitive as Caucasians do. Ignorance is ugly.
  • nicoledannyel@dluxxxe how about you stop commenting on every one if her pictures. Don't you have anything better to do with your life. If you don't like her, then stop commenting on her shit. Go fuck off. Don't know if you're an albino or nigger since you wanna name call but go fuck off.
  • riley_davidson_Her eyes. 😍 Beautiful.
  • haileyprince_Hahaha jealous people man. You are more than perfect and anyone who says otherwise has issues. ❤️
  • oktaysahin35İyyyyy makyajsız anca bu kadar
  • j_hitchcock_She still looks perfect even with a middle part😭😭😭😭 @samantha_browne_
  • samanthaxbrowneOmg😩 @j_hitchcock_
  • eccentricashley@guapogermo
  • geoscar_fmY si linda
  • zoedomsohnwow
  • muskamiaYou are perfection
  • hossien3497You are very beautiful😊😍
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