Photo of police forces going door to door in #Watertown, searching for the remaining #Boston suspect, photo by @sitareist #bostonmarathon #prayforboston
  • breakingnewsPhoto of police forces going door to door in #Watertown, searching for the remaining #Boston suspect, photo by @sitareist #bostonmarathon #prayforboston

  • _art318_Police State/Martial Law coming sooner then expected .
  • benek_plain't that the truth @artist318...
  • benek_pldon't people find it kinda odd/ that these guys went and killed civilians at the marathon but than, days later they robbed a 7-11 and didn't harm the guy and HIGHJACKED a car and drove around for about 30min with the guy who's car it was and then just let him go... these guys went from targeting civilians one day to only targeting Police officers the next? doesn't make sense
  • danielcorchueloTHIS IS CRAZY #lol #FLrocks
  • therealmatthewcoleThis probably isn't the best way to catch a 19 year old in his home town. If he is smart he would be thousands of miles from there.
  • therealmatthewcole@benek_pl where did you hear about the 7-11 hold up?
  • benek_pl@therealmatthewcole the TV told me...
  • benek_plbtw... all this MILITARY presence on the streets, with tanks on the ground!! ...all for a 19yo "fugitive" lmfao
  • therealmatthewcole@benek_pl gotta give me more information than that brother. CNN, Fox, NBC? You have an interesting angle on these guys.
  • torrri_jo@benek_pl I agree with you entirely there is so many holes in this story. It's all fishy
  • benek_pl@therealmatthewcole NBC and CNN had it on earlier... look, in a nut shell it looks like a set up. US just pushes its militaristic ways, I mean look at Boston... it's on LOCKDOWN with tanks and soldiers walking down streets. These two are Chechen? the one group that is the biggest thorn in Russia's ass lol and US is always very critical of how Russia deals with the Chechens and now Putin is saying that Chechen rebels have strong ties with Al-Qaeda... NOW... I'm not saying I know all this is FACT!!! but you gotta keep an open mind to what's going on. I see military, armored trucks, tanks looking for a 19yo kid.. a 19 year old kid. Is he the first fugitive? lol c'mon it's all just odd and scary what's going on in the streets
  • therealmatthewcole@benek_pl yea man I agree. Tanks and swat and shutting down the whole city of Boston is extreme. It's one 19 year old not the Russian army.
  • benek_plbtw, what happened to all that news about the mighty evil North Korea... lol
  • just_jessie8@benek_pl yea he's 19.....with mini bombs and machine guns on him. Not that innocent I think...
  • smileyguy1@melliott1985 you obviously have never owned or shot a gun, sitting in my home carrying my gun requires no running and grabbing.. It's not rocket science
  • jshcmBeginning of end of constitution.
  • mericahq@benek_pl No. They already said that they weren't to the ones that did the robbery. CNN is just incompetent.
  • mopcleaner1@melliott1985 shut up foreigner
  • mopcleaner1lol some people are so blind. This bombing was a perfect excuse (and set up) to mimick or practice Marshall law when Obama becomes dictator
  • melliott1985@esddugax2 go play the ukulele tough guy
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