No, really. These words were actually addressed to Bostonians by Arkansas State senator Nate Bell.
  • kyranpittmanNo, really. These words were actually addressed to Bostonians by Arkansas State senator Nate Bell.

  • gildeddevilassclown
  • gayleyoungsBeing brain-dead is not an excuse for being in Senator, nor a requirement (though that is harder to prove given the GOP and RWNJ's there are today)
  • inesmcbrydeI need to teach him a lesson on diplomacy & common sense inappropiate comments.
  • asherly3what. a. twat.
  • aidanackermanShameless use of a terrible situation to make a political point. You should be saddened by your own thoughtlessness.
  • chriswoosterDon't bother sending thank you cards for all the times the U.S. has taken care of tornado cleanup in your state. Seriously un-American stuff, Nate.
  • kyranpittmanComments intended for Rep. Bell can be directed to his twitter account: natebell4ar
  • lambillioagain, mouth open insert foot. youll probably just eat it.
  • groogrux05Go fuck yourself
  • pjx5xQuit whining. People use tragedies to push gun control and crap all the time and that's ok? So let this guy make his point about gun rights. Fair game.
  • latalaricoWhat a callous and unprofessional tweet aimed at the people of a city in crisis. Shame on you.
  • firstmatebeckNone. We all felt really safe knowing the guns were in the hands of the right people. The law enforcement officials. Where they belong.
  • aflammangTwat, douche, fuck, motherfucker, assclown, piece of shit. Did I miss one? I'm jotting them down for next time I want to lecture my kids about respect.....
  • laurahusseinWhat a horrible, horrible excuse for a person.
  • lulaoreMind boggling stupidity. I wonder how many innocent kids would be killed by being mistaken for the bomber!
  • johnjp24Wow, always finding new lows.
  • brundleflydouchebag.
  • michaelmorinmaHe's on Facebook & the people of Boston are letting him know their dissatisfaction on his wall. Feel free to add your thoughts.
  • svillecyclistZero. Our well regulated militia had the right weapons. Citizens don't need then if the militia had them.
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