3rd and final poster by @photodocs . My team and I will be giving out signed copies at weigh ins !! @12is @stfupnow
  • gilbertmelendez3rd and final poster by @photodocs . My team and I will be giving out signed copies at weigh ins !! @12is @stfupnow

  • eastbaysoul510@gilbertmelendez Thank you . What a fight you brought it every round .Cant believe it didn't go your way . The ufc's lightweight division is officially on notice
  • matt_glick_Great fight man. Looking forward to the next one.
  • phillyg2689You won 1,2 & 5 @gilbertmelendez you are the #1 lightweight two judges say you lost and hundreds of thousands of people say you won
  • saviorbrandGil felt you won 1,2,5 keep your head up... #rematch
  • meelovesbacongreat approach loved your stalking style. all in all win or loose you gave a great entertaining fight for the people. and I agree with most that a rematch is owed to you @gilbertmelendez
  • jenniferchangxxYou won that fight homie
  • urdahdi23Great fight my dude .. Regardless of the outcome.. You 2 are in a league apart at lightweight and I don't see anyone beating you in that division.. So a rematch is in the near future.. Keep up the hardwork
  • kerrstar1This guy is a champ! Didn't take the belt today but he will. Humble, polite, warrior. Thanks for the show. @gilbertmelendez
  • marcos_delgado341,2,5 to you gil
  • leoar11Amazing fight ! U're a Warrior bro
  • photodocsUr a Beast Bro... U totally controlled the pace of the fight & def won at LEAST 3 of 5 rounds & shoulda got the decision.... U move like a winner no matter what judges say... U gonna be right back in the same position witta rematch!.. It was a pleasure working with u... appreciate u bra... !!!
  • harleyrysdaletheres no way henderson deserved that decision, Gil is the best lightweight on the planet and he proved it last night @gilbertmelendez
  • bennythejet90You won that fight, Gilbert. Can't wait to see your first title defense! WAR EL NIÑO
  • nate_dawg1906@gilbertmelendez good fight Man. I'm a supporter now. You were in front of a tough opponent and did well. I'm not so cool on the decision but you are gonna kick some tail.
  • curlyq3782You got robbed bro. Fucking UFC likes their current champs for ratings for their multi ethnic champs. I wouldn't be surprised if UFC is offering large bonuses to beat the Gracie camps. Paying these athletic commissions for favorable decisions. I think it could be become like boxing "corrupted" for their own larger payouts. Fuck corporations at least in boxing you can say what you want not like Matt Mitrione. Muhammad Ali would never be able to talk like that in the UFC. Peace bro
  • alexeyanisimov1Don't be scared homie
  • sandyaveryNo time for broken hearts! Benson wiped the sweat from his brow with a big sigh of relief when the decision was announced. He knew! You are THE best!
  • thatdude_mh@gilbertmelendez dude you won that fight, i know you probably aren't in a good mood but u fought hard and gave bendo his hardest fight. U got the rematch in the bag!
  • oaklandraider510@gilbertmelendez i got one at the weigh in's thanks for auto
  • ozkrow@gilbertmelendez how can I get one? Ill send you a pre paid envelope
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