• drmichelerossOuch! Injured arm :(

  • digitallovechildAw feel better 😘😁😷💘
  • sarabeacher@phdinsexy could you help raise awareness for a great cause? You have so follower and so many fans. It's for an autoimmune disease I suffer with called Lupus. Please, me and so many others that have this life-threatening disease would really appreciate it! I loved you on BB. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with holding up your right hand in the shape of an "L", then tag #LHandSign and @runningforlupus . Thanks. I hope you take two mins to do it Michelle. Feel better! :-)
  • drmichelerossMy cousin has lupus too. I'd be happy to do it! send me an email at phdinsexy @ gmail.com & ill send u my secret to reversing lupus :)
  • k_q83Cute :)
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