Back overcrook from earlier!
  • nyjahBack overcrook from earlier!

  • bigalfromva@jimmykendo I wasn't even arguing with you. It's a very opinionated trick, why can't you just leave it at that and let people believe what they want? This is America isn't it? We do have a right to believe what we want right? Then let me keep believing there is such a thing as fs overcrooks.
  • schlitz_faced@jimmykendo @bigalfromva wrong 100% wrong. You don't tweak nose grinds into fs overcrooks. They are so different and Guy Mariano is one of my favorite skaters so shut up on that. Allen provided fact through trams world
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 no he didn't. I said on handrails. That video. (Which didn't even say transworld) was on ledges. You kids are fucking retarded. I SAID RAILS. You put up a video of a guy doing ledges and say you have proof. Jesus fucking christ
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 @bigalfromva last point. If you go to thrasher or transworld magazines website they have a search thing. You can put in any trick and hundreds even thousands of things come up. Except 0 things come up if you put overcrooks on thrasher and all that comes up Tws is the video of how to overcrook pop out on a ledge. No one had ever heard of overcrook until thps. That's my final point. If you choose to be a stubborn naive ignorant little child an not believe the truth when it's shoved down your throat then there's nothing anyone can do for you.
  • schlitz_faced@jimmykendo @bigalfromva dude you're just an old fuck who is the most stubborn bastard in the world. You can't overgrind or nosegrind
  • jimmykcomedyI'm 28 you stupid shit @someskater95 has nothing to do with age. You have nothing to back your claims up. How is providing proof stubborn? You spent all this time responding. Why not provide one piece of evidence? Because you can't. Eat shit and die you cum guzzling kook
  • schlitz_faced@bigalfromva provided proof, and nobody says kook the 90s are over
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 so I say there's no such thing as overcrooks on rails only ledges. You put up a video of a gut doing fs overcrooks on ledges and say I'm wrong. Are you learning disabled?
  • schlitz_facedSo they exist on ledges but not rails? Lol @bigalfromva @jimmykendo
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 yes that's what I've been saying the whole time. That's how it is now. Do some research. Look it up. Look at every "frontside overcrook" on a rail you see in a magazine and ask why is it captioned nosegrind. Because YOU'RE WRONG
  • schlitz_facedThat makes no sense that's like saying smiths exist on ledges but not rails
  • schlitz_faced@jimmykendo
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 whatever dude. The evidence I've provided is staggering. There has never been a single picture of a fs overcrooks on a rail in either transworld or thrasher magazine in their entire history. It's not a coincidence. It's the same as how there's only fs salads. But that's whole other bag of worms. No point anymore. We'll just agree to disagree. Ill be over here with the biggest publications in skateboarding history you stay over there with the video games. The end
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 look up "how to frontside overcrook a handrail" all that comes up is forums with people having this debate and the vast majority being on my side. Not a single trick too video from any pro. Now look up a how to on any other grind. Put how to smith a handrail or whatever and dozens of videos come up. Still coincedence. Give it a rest man. You have nothing.
  • jimmykcomedy@someskater95 search overcrooks on hellaclips. 2 videos come up. Ones backside the others a trick tip from a twelve year old. Now search any other trick. These are not all coincedence.
  • jimmykcomedyThousands of videos come up when you search nosegrind. One video comes up for overcrooks and its a 12 year old. 👏👏👏
  • richo.conLol saw this live
  • joeycruz_11R u shure ur human
  • boofbag.shawty@nyjah_huston
  • tristian_ofDamn that rail is fucking tall :O
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