2 black guys... A Driver and a Johnson
  • ochocinco2 black guys... A Driver and a Johnson

  • mrzkellzLovers?
  • bibimunecaLmfao! Uhuh! Liberache lovers! Liberache was living his driver on the dl! Now it all makes sense. How you doin'?
  • bibimunecaLoving
  • editmodeThey both have that million dollar smile! Looks pretty good
  • dareld_meta@ochocinco help Donald find a nice suit man
  • rev_critchLoL
  • follow.ryan.stefiukDRIVER
  • katiewakemMy favorite niggas!
  • its_me_maitai@ochocinco Both just so handsome....
  • thehickbossYeah 1 retired and 1 fired!!!!
  • eric.pizzaLol chad stop messaging these tricks on twitter you're getting exposed
  • eric.pizzaYou dress like a champ but I think the thirst is real. You miss Evelyn and you're trying to literally fuck the world to get over it
  • mzanonaymissDo you and keep it moving. Your always on top. Haters will hate so let them. Show'em better then you can tell'em!!!
  • squeeze_me_im_juicyPic look fake look at the outline of chad
  • dazzling_hazel_eyesYou need to find a intelligent woman who could careless about the money you have, and is into your brain appeal instead of you're money/material/sex appeal... Being with me all that extra shit would be a bonus, as i don't see it or care about it.. Real talk
  • ybatoba@chronictune that's the truth right there. He'll realize it eventually.
  • faness12My Driver oh how I will miss you.. Looking handsome guys
  • irogerrrSexy mothefukers💁💥🙌
  • ladyddjohnsonI love this picture
  • _dimples_98Very handsome @ochocinco
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